Balestrate is situated in the Gulf of Castellammare, on the coast of the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is near one of the cleanest seas of the Sicilian coast. Balestrate offers visitors and tourists splendid beaches and a crystal clear sea with colours varying from emerald green to light blue. It's fine, golden sand is compared to a velvet carpet.

A green forest with eucalyptus, pine and tamarind frees forms a crown around this beautiful scenery. In the centre of the coast, there is a recently inaugurated tourist port, a shelter for fishermen's boats and other ships. Old and young can spend their evenings in different places (pub, night club, etc) that are in front of the beach or in town.

But, if you prefer something else, you can admire the scenery simply looking out of the many natural windows that open before the sea. You will remain enchanted at the sunset and the night. Since it's a tourist attraction, exhibitions and other recreative events are carried out during the summer month. various events are organized such as concerts and cabarets in the town square, exhibitions, fish and couscous festivals, and sporting competitions that include the participation of the tourist just like in a large tourist village.

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