Erice was inhabited by the Elimi who built a temple dedicated to the warship of the goddess af fertility and love.
The rulers who followed named the temple after their divinities
The Fenici adored Tanit-Astrate while the Greek Afrodites and Romans adored Venere Ericina. On the ruins of the temple,we can still today find the castle of venere,fortified during the Norman rule,next to the Balio gardens dominated by Medieval tower.
The city is sourranded by Cyclopean walls constructed under the Elimi (VII century) which highest points are the following: the Norman Castle; the Dome or Matrix (1314), which preservesthe original gothic forms with the bell tower and its dedicate double holes and Spanish Quarters.

The historic centre presents a typical Medieval town-plan with small squares and harrow streets that reveal flowerful courtyards. Erice is home to over sixty churches among which there are Saint Martino, Saint Cataldo, Saint Giuliano and Saint Giovanni the Baptist. Each summer,during the week of Medieval and Renaissance Music we can hear Medieval music recovered from the memory of famous international artist. You must visit the Cordici Museum in Umberto I square (Piazza Umberto I) where you can find “The Annunciation
” by Antonello Gagini. Erice,the seat of the centre of Scientific culture “Ettore Majorana”, preserves the untouched charm of ancient medieval villages animated by the typical craftsmen shops:
the delicately decorated ceramics, the colourful hand-woven carpets
and the tradicional sweets made from almonds and candied fruit