Facing east and in front of the gulf, there is a read cliff: here stands the ancient village of Scopello: a seventeenth century suburb surrounded by few crude houses, a small paved square, and a stone fountain. High above you can see the Bennistra (XVI century) tower that stands before a green valley. Higher above, on Mount Sparagio (1200 meters),there is the forest of Scopello (once home to deer, wolves and hogs) which brings to mind the hunting parties of Ferdinando II of Borbone who nominated it a place of royal reserve.

The outlet to the sea is breathtaking, the enormous reef stands before this “slice” of coast serving as a natural shelter for the ancient Tonnaro untouched for years but still in good condition. A theatre for historic events, Scopello and its territory is surrounded by a mysterious air nourished by legends and stories of the holder inhabitants.