Embraced between the sea and mountain of Erice, the ancient Drepanon was founded around its port: originally as a sicano village then as a small fortified city where for centuries fisherman, traders and craftsman from different races (Elimi and Ionics) lived.

Trapani is a small sea town founded by the Fenics who used the Mediterranean waters and made Trapani a commercial empire. From the 9th century a.C., the Fenics, who had lost their independence, settled in the western Mediterranean. They founded Cartagine and fortified Trapani making it on important trade port for controlling trade Exchanges.

At he history of Trapani is strongly connected to tat of Cartagine. The city assisted the great naval wars between the Cartaginese and the Romans: in 249 a.C. when the Roman fleet was defeated and in 241 a.C. when the battle of the Egadi permitted the Romans to occupy Trapani. The city considerably declined during the Roman era; it lost its political independence, ownership of lands and was forced to obey new laws and pay new taxes. In 395, Sicily, and Trapani whit it, passed under the rule of the Eastern Roman Empire. Because of the numerous Barbaric invasions, these were difficult years. The city experienced a renewal under the rule of the Arabs who occupied Sicily starting from 827.